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OP5110-5120 OpEngine Pulse




The Op Engine Pulse block is intended for use with an Op* Engine Controller to specify pulse patterns for a given channel.


Controller nameSpecifies the label of the controller block which the current block refers to. This name is shared with other related OpEngine Pulse blocks.
Channel indexAn index, starting at 0, which refers to the channel to be used on the card designated by the controller block.
Pulse sourcePulse patterns may either be defined through block inports or an input file.
File typeIf pulse source is set to file, this parameter is used to specify the type of the file (ascii or Matfile)
File nameName of the file, if pulse source is set to file.
LevelThis parameter affects the signal polarity of the output pin. As each pulse is defined by start and end positions, setting this parameter to high produces an active high signal (rising edge at the start position and falling edge at the end position) and conversely setting this parameter to low produces active low signal (falling edge at the start position and rising edge at the end position).
PhasingCheck this parameter to add a degree offset on the output signal. An additional block inport is created to receive the offset in degrees.


The block is controlled using 3 inports:

Number of pulsesThe number of pulses described on the Degrees inport. This inport is available only if the Pulse source is set to block inports. This inport is probed only when the Latch inp or located on the controller block is active.

This vector specifies the start and end positions of pulses to be produced (see Level parameter for signal polarity setting).

This inport is available only if the Pulse source is set to block inp. The width of this inport must be equal to the maximum number of pulses times two. This inport is probed only when the Latch controller inport is active.

Ex: The generate the 4 following pulses [10° 20°], [140.8°200.4°],[300° 320°] and [700° 5°], provide the following signals to the inports

Number of pulses: 4

Degree: [10 20 140.8 200.4 300 320 700 5 X X] where Xs could be any values. This inport width allows a maximum of 5 pulses to be generated. Note that the pulse crossing 0° must be the last valid pulse in the list. The X values are disregarded since Number of pulses is set to 4, rather than 5.

PhasingAn angular offset value to be added to all specified angular positions, expressed in degrees. This inport is probed every calculation steps, regardless of the Latch inport on the controller block.


This block has no outputs.

Characteristics and Limitations

Connector Pin Assignments

Direct FeedthroughNo
Discrete sample timeNo
XHP supportYes
Work offlineNo

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