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OP1262 Inductance Box

The OP1262 provides arm inductors between the MMC arm and the AC grid, which are part of standard MMC topology. It can be connected in series with other inductance boxes (if more than one is present in rack) to provide greater inductance values. Each OP1262 adds 2.5 mH of inductance, therefore 2 units provide 5mH inductance, 3 would provide 7.5 mH and the maximum four would total 10 mH.

User Interface

The front of the OP1262 provides no user interface, only ventilation,

Rear Interface

The rear interface provides Phoenix terminal connectors that connect the OP1261 to the OP1262 and from the OP1262 to the OP1210. These connections will be made by an OPAL-RT technician during commissioning.

OP1262 Rear Interface

  • Ground connector. The ground cable is connected from the OP1262 to the grounding bar in the rack.
  • Phoenix terminal connectors. Connector P1 connects one side of the inductors while P2 connects the other (see Figure 18). Terminal 1 on both P1 and P2 connect to the OP1261 Measurement Box connector P7 and P8.

Inductor Connection Diagram

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