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OP1200 Introduction

The OP1200 Modular Multilevel Converter is a test bench dedicated to the verification and prototyping of new control algorithms for the development of multilevel HVDC interconnections. It consists of a stack of cascaded identical or mixed-topology sub-modules (SM) composing up to 60 switching cells (in the standard configuration). 

The OP1200 comes with built-in models designed for use in research or educational or training courses.

Using the complete software simulation environment RT-LAB MATLAB/Simulink® and XILINX System Generator, this turnkey test bench is safe, easy-to-use and ideal for implementing (and teaching) control development of Modular Multilevel Converter systems.


The OPAL-RT Lab-Scale MMC Test Bench supports a large number of MMC-based topologies, including:

  • High voltage DC (HVDC) converters (PHIL, Back-to-Back, Multiterminal)
  • Flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS)
  • Static Synchronous Compensators (STATCOM)
  • Solid State Transformers
  • Multilevel Matrix Converters


  • OP4510 real-time simulator to perform MMC converter rapid control prototyping and simulation and associated features.
  • CPU and FPGA control capability.
  • Measurement of all submodule voltages and arm currents.
  • Measurement of AC and DC grid voltage and currents.
  • AC and DC precharge circuit included.
  • Industrial grade power circuit component (contactors, breaker, disconnector).
  • Fast low level hardware protection.
  • Modular architecture.
  • Analog output interface to connect power amplifier for PHIL simulation.

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