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BERTA Command Panel Toolbar

The command panel is located on the right side of the main panel. Refer to the Command Panel Toolbar in the General Introduction chapter for details on the common buttons Gr. 1 to 5, Gr. 11 to 15 and Gr. 16 to 21.

In the Calibration application, some command buttons have slight differences, as shown in the table below:

Command Panel Toolbar

Toolbar Buttons/ Fields


Command Panel Toolbar for Calibration Application


Inactive button. Reserved for future use.


Inactive button. Reserved for future use.

DA Waveform

Amplitude in volts of the generated signal



Increments each time the total processing time is longer than the computation step.

Computing Time

Time required for the workstation to make all calculations in one time step.

Idle Time

Time between each step and total computation time, in microseconds.

Time Step

50 microseconds

RMS Value

Lets you select an RMS value for AC signal monitoring

Mean Value

Lets you select a Mean value for DC signal monitoring

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