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The Diode model is simulated as a non-linear resistance. The model considers various factors like forward bias threshold, forward and reverse break over voltage, blocking current, snubber elements, holding current, on/off resistance. Depending on the user's requirement, there is also an option to select the precision functionality, which allows the user to compensate for errors due to digital implementation of the model during the state switching as a function of time step.

The model also includes an option to enable Fail reset mode which produces  a signal if the diode has reached its normal or reverse breakdown voltage or if an untimely firing had happened.

Table of Contents

Mask and Parameters

NameDescriptionUnitVariable = {Possible Values}
VminForward voltage dropV


RopenOpen state resistanceOhm{(0,1e12]}
RcloseClosed state resistanceOhm{(0,1e12]}
RsnubberSnubber resistanceOhm{[0,1e12]}
CsnubberSnubber capacitanceF{[0,1e12]}


NameDescriptionUnitVariable = {Possible Values}
Fail resetFail reset

Precision valve

Enable: Enables recalculation of the state switch command using exact time between steps (as percentage of time step)

Disable: does not use precision valve

IminHolding currentA{[0,1e12]}
FbovForward break over voltageV{[0,1e12]}
RbovReverse break over voltageV{[0,1e12]}

Ports, Inputs, Outputs and Signals Available for Monitoring


Net_1Network connection
Net_2Network connection






FailSigFail reset signal
IDiode currentA
DelayDelay due to forward voltage drops
State12Diode state

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