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Controlled Switch


This device is an ideal switch controlled by a control signal. The model allows the user to control the ON/OFF the circuit based on the holding current.

Table of Contents

Mask and Parameters

NameDescriptionUnitVariable = {Possible Values}
Precision Valve model

Enable: Recalculation of the switch operation using the exact time between steps (in percentage of Ts) of the valve command

Disable: precision valve model not used

RsnubberSnubber resistanceOhm


CsnubberSnubber capacitanceF{0,1e12}
IminHolding currentA{0,1e12}
RopenSwitch open resistanceOhm{0,1e12}
RcloseSwitch close resistanceOhm{0,1e12}
Control TypeExternal (input pins) or External (input sensors from hardwarae)

Ports, Inputs, Outputs and Signals Available for Monitoring


Net_1Network connection; the "+" indicates the current measurement direction (supports only 3-phase connections)
Net_2Network connection (supports only 3-phase connections)


DDelay used for precision valve. It is expressed as a fraction of time step
PBinary coded firing pulses. Bits 0,1,2: forward pulses of Phases A,B,C. For single phase only Phase A is used




DDelay used for precision valve.
PBinary coded firing pulses
DelayExt12Time delay through external signals
CmdExt12Command signal through external signal
State12Switch status
Cmd12Switch command
ISwitch currentA
DelaySwitch delays

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