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Double-Damped Grounded


The grounded double-damped filter is available both for 1-phase and 3-phase connections. It's also available with a series connection.

Table of Contents

Mask and Parameters

The grounded double-damped filter consists of a specific RLC combination as shown in the figure above.

Grounded filters, when used in a 3-phase system, can also have the grounding connection type configured as any of the following: Y ground, Y floating or Delta.

To specify the parameters of a filter, SI units are always used. The PU unit system is not available for all filter models.

Ports, Inputs, Outputs and Signals Available for Monitoring


This component supports 1-phase and 3-phase connections and the port is updated automatically upon connection.

  • Net_+: Positive network connection


  • None


  • None


Since the filters are simulated as elements forming a whole and not as individual elements, the following signals are made available through the sensors for acquisition:

  • I: Current in (A) when using in a 1-phase network
  • I(a,b,c): Current in (A) for each phase when using in a 3-phase network

Hence the values of the current flowing in the individual elements are not available.

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