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PSCAD | Supported Features and Limitations

This document shows the supported components and PSCAD file to import a network model from PSCAD to HYPERSIM.

Supported Features

Supported PSCAD Components


Each PSCAD component may be converted into one or multiple HYPERSIM components, depending on the values or the subtype of the PSCAD component.

For instance, the AC Exciter component (EXCAC) of PSCAD is mapped to different exciter controller blocks in HYPERSIM.

How to determine the list of all supported PSCAD components

  1. The list of all supported PSCAD components can be found under > “User Manual” > “Unified Database”

  2. Select "PSCAD" from "Supported External Tools"

The figure below illustrates a partial list of supported PSCAD components.

Note that all features of PSCAD components in the list may not be supported.

For instance, "Number of Harmonics" for the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is supported up to option number 5 which means harmonics up to 255.

How to know what feature of a PSCAD component is supported

To discover the available options for a component, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select the component from "Supported External Tools / PSCAD"

  2. Select "UDB mapped types"

  3. Check the content of the “condition” cell

Example: supported options for Fast Fourier Transform (FFT)

  1. Select FFT from "Supported External Tools / PSCAD"

  2. Select "UDB mapped types" from the bottom of the page

  1. Check the second column. FFT condition is "int(SIZE)<=5" where SIZE is the option for selecting the number of harmonics.


  1. Having 2 blocks with the same name inside in the same level is not supported.

  2. Case of the dynamic_datatap

    1. If the port SI is controlled by a constant value (a master:const, a signal coming from a constant, or a constant parameter) we use this value to make the dynamic_datatap behave like a standard datatap.

    2. If SI is controlled by something else (something like a dynamic signal changing during the simulation), the dynamic_datatap will be ignored resulting in no connection between its inputs and outputs

  3. If the model includes a block that is not supported, the connected bus will still be removed. This happens because the branch port and its port power edges are not recognized, preventing the addition of the bus to the other connected buses.

  4. The division by zero are not supported by HYPERSIM and will return a NaN value, even if they are taken care of differently in PSCAD. If a division by zero might happen in your model we suggest to avoid it by manually add a Limiter, value to the divider.

  5. The HYPERSIM equivalent to PSCAD master:complex component doesn’t support high characteristic frequencies and might diverge when given a frequency higher than 9 kHz.

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