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PSSE | Supported Features and Limitations

Supported Features

Supported versions

Versions 32, 34 and 35 are supported.

Supported PSS®E Components

Each PSS®E component is mapped into one or multiple HYPERSIM components, depending on the type and parameters of the PSS®E component.


  1. The list of all supported PSS®E components can be found under > “User Manual” > “Unified Database”

  2. Select "PSSe" from "Supported External Tools"

The figure below illustrates the list of supported PSSe components.

Sequence data

The sequence data of the system can be provided by the *.seq file of PSS®E. This data is used to calculate the unbalanced fault current in PSS®E for the steady-state condition.

Once a *.seq file is present, the tool fills the line and transformer parameters using the sequence data.

The sequence data of the machine may have some conflicts with the dynamic data, moreover, the machine parameters are available in the *.dyr file. Therefore, none of the machine data is mapped from the *.seq file.


The coordinates of the components can be defined by a *.gps or *.substations file.

An example of a *.gps file is as follows:

Substation,Latitude,Longitude,BUS#,BUS NAME,BUS VOLTAGE (kV),PSSE Bus Name,

The header of the file is parsed to determine what type of conversion to apply so it must respect the convention above. Coordinates can be expressed as a x, y couple or as Latitude, Longitude. If x, y is preferred the header becomes:

Substation,x,y,BUS#,BUS NAME,BUS VOLTAGE (kV),PSSE Bus Name,

An example of a *.substations file is as follows:

Substation,BUS#,BUS NAME,x,y

If a *.substations file is provided, the components on the specified buses will be grouped by substations.


In the case of the absence of neither *.gps nor *.substations, an auto-layout algorithm is used to generate coordinates in HYPERSIM.

How to know what feature of a PSSe component is supported

To discover the available options for a component, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select the component from "Supported External Tools / PSSE"

  2. Select "UDB mapped types"

  3. Check the specified “condition”

Example : Load


  • In the *.raw files, bus base voltages are considered to be rms line-to-line voltages and are given in kV.

  • When Exporting *.raw file from PSSe, Output bus names must be unchecked as it is not supported.

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