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OP7000 Troubleshooting

ProblemPossible CausesSolutions
The OP7160 board is not detected when the model is loaded

The OP7000 is not onEnsure that the switch at the back of the OP7000 is ON
Verify that the LEDs are ON on the front plates of the boards installed in the front of the chassis.
The simulator was not turned on before the targetShutdown the target and repeat the “power-up procedure” 
The PCIe cable is not connected between the simulator and the targetShutdown the target and the OP7000, connect the PCIe cable, and repeat the “power-up procedure”
“Timeout waiting for valid bit” messages appear when executing the modelModels linked to the OP7160 must be in XHP modeReset the model, select XHP mode in the Assignation tab and restart the model
The model was incorrectly stopped during previous use (ex. the OP7000 was shut down with the model still running)Reboot the target and relaunch the model
Loading the model generates error messages concerning polling mode or multiple synchronization sources and inputs/outputs do not work when executedModels linked to the OP7160 must be in “Hardware Synchronized” simulation modeReset the model, select the Hardware Synchronized simulation mode in the Execution tab and restart the model.
Some inputs/outputs do not work

Incorrect connections at the rear of the OP7000

Verify that the boards’ LEDs are ON at the front of the OP7000. If needed, use the RJ45 connectors and the monitoring panel to check signals

Double-check the pin assignment of the rear boards and the connections with the external device.
Signal routing errors in the model

Check the model. Use the integration model delivered with the system as a reference

The FPGA configuration file (.conf) is not in the model’s directoryRecopy the file included with the integration model into your folder
Damaged board or channel

If the OP7160 was a prototype board, refer to the factory test report for non-working channels

Use the integration model to test all channels

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