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OP7000 Specifications

Product name

OP7000 Simulator

Power supply

Universal input and active power factor correction 650W continuous power DC to DC converters for analog voltage

I/O connectors

See the specifications for each board.

Monitoring connectors

RJ45 on front modules

RJ45 and mini-BNC on OP7000 front panel

Dimensions (HxWxD)

26.67 x 48.26 x 41.5 cm (10.5” x 19” x 16.5“)


9 to 14 Kg, depending on options installed.

Operating temperature

10 to 40 ºC (50 to 104ºF)

Storage temperature

-55 to 85ºC (-67 to 185ºF)

Relative humidity

10 to 90% non-condensing

Maximum altitude

2000 m (6562 ft.)

Special notes


  • The OP7000 can only be used with RT-LAB version 10.4.0 or above.
  • OP7160/OP7161 Board Index values differ depending on the RT-LAB version
    • With RT-LAB 10.5.0 and above, the default value of the Board index is 255 when the back OP7832 synchronization card is not installed. When the OP7832 is installed, the position of its rotary switches define the Board Index value
    • With Rt-LAB 10.4.9, the default value is 31,
    • With RT-LAB 10.4.0, the default value is 0.
  • The O716x OpCtrl blocks in your models may need to be updated when updating RT-LAB

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