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OP8120 System Description

The OP8120 Modular System Conditioning Chassis (MSCC) is a high power pre- and post-conditioning chassis (amplifier) for OPAL-RT standard analog and digital I/O boards. It is designed to be used with simulators to make high power conditioning and cabling easier to maintain.

The chassis is designed according to module power consumption rather than for a fixed number of channels. Each chassis can accommodate multiple modules for maximum consumption of 500W. The chassis is nonetheless limited to a maximum of 32 channels per chassis at the lowest power rating per channel.

The following OP8120 modules are currently available:

ModuleDescriptionNumber of channels

Current source, up to 5A RMS / 1V RMS


Current source, up to 2A RMS / 1V RMS


Current source, up to 1A RMS / 16V RMS


High voltage output, up to 150V RMS / 1mA RMS


Voltage amplifier, 150V RMS / 30mA RMS


The OP8120 is a 3U rackmount unit. It comes in three versions, which can accommodate a different mix of OP8120 modules:

  • OP8120-A: supports OP8121 and OP8122 modules
  • OP8120-B: supports OP8123, OP8124, and OP8125 modules
  • OP8120-1: supports OP8121, OP8122, OP8123, OP8124, and OP8125 modules


  • Quick connection using screw terminal and DB37 connectors
  • Choice of current or voltage output boards
  • Built-in power supply
  • Maximum consumption: 500W
  • Various conditioning (voltage and current amplifier) modules available

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