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Test Design for Half Bridge Topology

The first part of the test is based on half-bridge sub-module topology, shown below:

Half-bridge topology of the sub-modules

For thorough, reliable tests, eight kinds of tests are designed:

  1. Maximum cell number test
  2. Vcap observation and Gate Signals block test
  3. Vcap modes test
  4. Pulse source test
  5. Fault mode test
  6. Cell capacitance test
  7. Resistance in shunt with the cell capacitor test
  8. Switch Ron test

At the beginning of each designed test, the system should be initialized. 

Initialize the Parameters of MMC Parameter Block

MMC parameter block initialization setup

VariableSet valueReason
SM Type0: Half-bridgeTests designed for Half-bridge topology
cell capacitance (farads)0.01A test value, may vary
switch Ron (ohms)0Remove voltage drop on Ron
capacitor shunt resistance (ohms)1e12Disable discharge by Rshunt
Number of cell per arm10Total number need to be tested
[Sb Vb] power and voltage bases[10 10]So for each cell, the SI and PU values are the same, i.e. 1 A is 1 pu for current and 1 V is 1 pu for voltage.
Vcap modeSet to fixed valueTo initialize and fix the Vcap=Vcap value
Vcap fix value (pu)0To initialize and fix the Vcap=0
Pulse sourceDirect gate signal from CPUControl cells using Gate Signals block

Initialize the Parameters of Arm Current Generation Block

Arm Current Generation block initialization setup


Set value


DC current


Some tests need an arm current pulse with magnitude of 0.1 and duration of 0.01 s. this initialization can generate this arm current easily.

AC magnitude




Form of the current

1.Current with a duration

Pulse duration


Keep all Switches off, Both in Gate Signals Block and MMC Fault Block

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