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OP1210 MMC 10 Cells FB/HB

The OP1210 is a sub-module unit that houses 10 sub-modules to create an MMC arm. It can be configured in the standard half-bridge or the optional full-bridge topology.

The user has three options when using the sub-modules in the OP1210 (see OP1210 Submodule Options). The first two options are software-controlled, using the model, and the third option is hardware-controlled and must be specified at the time of purchase:

Use the sub-modules as:

  • full-bridge cells (FB), which means there are 4 active switches (2 half-bridge). 
  • “emulated” half-bridge cells (HB): 2 switches are active and the 2 others are disabled in the software (switch state is forced to make a half-bridge cell topology). 
  • “hardware” half-bridge cells (HB): a jumper is used to make to bypass the second half-bridge (must be factory configured). 


  • Hardware instantaneous overcurrent and overvoltage detection
  • Arm bypass electronic switch (thyristor)
  • Fiber-optic communication with OP4510
  • Arm current measurement
  • Sub-module capacitor voltage measurement
  • 500 ns switch state refresh rate
  • 20 us measurement sample rate
  • Optional AAC directional switch

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