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Project Folder Content Description

HYPERSIM Project Structure

File Extension/Folder NameDescription


The .ecf file is the model design in a binary format.


The .ecf.lock appears when the model design in already opened. 


The .svt file extension stands for ScopeView Template: similar to the .xml format.


or .sig and .iop

Both .csv and .sig files gather all selected sensors of your design.

The .sig format is a binary format that contains sensor information. It is complemented by a .iop file that contains the Data Logger and the I/O Interface configurations. Use the HYPERSIM ribbon to save the sig file. The matching .iop file will also be generated.

Since HYPERSIM 2021.1, the sensors can be exported to CSV format. The sensor configuration is then editable through CSV editors, such as Microsoft Excel®. See Sensor Management for more details.


This folder contains all bitstream and IO configuration files:

  • The .bin file is the bitstream itself in a binary format.
  • The .opal contains the IO configuration available with the bitstream .bin mentioned previously.


HYPERSIM Project Content


File NameDescription


This file is used for model-forward compatibility for HYPERSIM versions.

Note: make sure to include this file when exporting or sharing the project.


This text file contains the netlist definition and is updated after design analysis.


This file contains all simulation settings used in the project.

configurationsIO Folder

This folder contains all files related to IO configurations.

File or Folder NameDescription

Internal use only.


Refer to eFPGASIM produced content


Internal use only.

  • DriverConfigs: detailed description of every driver:
    • Archives: a folder containing configurations of deleted drivers.
    • file_1.opal; file_2.opal: driver configuration files used in the synchExchangerRegistry.opal file described below.

  • SyncExchangerRegistry.opal: list of used IO Interfaces; has a reference to the .opal in DriverConfigs as such: the GUID saved in the exchangerId field of each DriverDefinition item represents the name of the file in the DriverConfigs folder where the configuration of the respective driver is saved:

dataPoints.xmlMapping from IO interface to HYPERSIM datapoint
default.opalGlobal information of the project, and has reference to the SyncExchangerRegistry\SyncExchangerRegistry.opal used

libs Folder

This folder contains all UCM components developed specifically for the project.

mapping Folder

This folder is created at the Map Tasks step. it is empty unless the user sets processor IDs for one or several tasks in the Tasks Manager.

  • preallocatedTasks.xml: This file contains all information related to task manager configuration. It is created when the user applies a task configuration in the Tasks Manager.

view Folder

This folder contains all custom views used by UCM or subcircuits developed in the project.

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