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EMTP | Pseudo-Devices

Node Connectors

The elements Pjump and Pjump3 (from the Pseudo Devices library) are used to connect two nodes when it is not possible to directly connect two such nodes.

Also, in EMTP there is a junction element to join 4 nodes via 4 inductive type connector elements (Pjump3L) (see figure).

HYPERSIM does not take into account the connection element (Pjump3) in the admittance matrix of the network to avoid adding two nodes unnecessarily. In this case, an algorithm will merge the two nodes into one and assign an identifier, taking into account the configuration of the circuit. However, it should be considered that in certain circumstances (depending on the configuration of the circuit and in the presence of subsystems), this can produce inconsistencies (and error messages) during the circuit analysis step by HYPERSIM. 

On the other hand, impedance type connectors are taken into account by HYPERSIM to maintain the equivalence with the EMTP circuit. However, this type of connector should be used only if necessary, since they add nodes to the admittance matrix and complicate the distribution of tasks in the various processors of the HYPERSIM simulator.

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