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Step 5: Analyzing Results with ScopeView

As of this version, results may be analyzed only once the simulation is completed and the model has been reset.

The recording is automatically transferred back to the Windows computer, in a subfolder called "Recordings" inside the "_hyp" folder of the corresponding project.

From the HYPERSIM tab of the HYPERSIM window, click the Recording Manager to open a Windows Explorer.

Double-click on the file with the .oprec suffix. ScopeView automatically starts and loads the .oprec file.

Two windows appear. One is named Untitled, to be used to view the signals, and the other is named Signals – Untitled, to be used to select the data file and signals to be displayed.

Click the following link for more information on how to use ScopeView.

ScopeView initial Windows

Click on each signal to be displayed in the graph. When all desired signals are selected, press the Start button in the Signals – Untitled window

The focus switches to the Untitled window, and the signals can now be observed.

You can navigate through the .oprec file using the ScopeView graphic window side ribbon.

From left to right, the controls above are as follows:

  • Return to the beginning of the file
  • Show the previous frame
  • Go to the frame which corresponds to the parameters below. For more information on the parameters, see Data Logger File Browsing with ScopeView.
  • Show the next frame
  • Show the last frame

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