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OP5369 32-Channel Digital IO Board

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The OP5369 features a 32 channel digital input/output board.

Typical Use Cases

The OP5369 module allows for programming of 4 banks of 8 DIO channels respectively.  This allows for a flexible configuration of DIN and DOUT circuits depending on customer applications.  The DIN channel voltage range is from 0V to 30V and the DOUT channel voltage range is from 4.5V to 25V, allowing the module to be used in many different applications.  

Digital Input Circuit

The flexibility and wide voltage range of the digital input circuit makes this module suitable in simulations of any applications that require reading digital signals between 0V - 30V where a high-input impedance (Zin > 100kOhm) is acceptable.

To add maximum flexibility to the digital input circuit, the thresholds for both high and low-level detections are programmable.


Digital Output Circuit

The flexible characteristics of the module make it suitable in simulations of applications such as:

  • MOSFET and IGBT switching

  • Switch-mode power supplies

  • DC-to-DC converters

  • Motor control, solar power (photovoltaics)


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