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OP5367 - 32 Digital IO

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The OP5367 features a 32 channel digital input/output board. The output channels operating at 5 V (CMOS/TTL) or 3.3 V (LVTTL) and the input channels are high impedance with programmable high and low thresholds.

Main Features

  • The 32 input channels are grouped into four banks of 8 channels, each with independent thresholds per bank.

  • Digital In programmable threshold 0-50V.

  • The 32 output channels are configurable for either 5 V ±10% (CMOS/TTL Logic ) or 3.3 V (LVTTL).

  • Digital Out TTL, max output current: 32 mA/ch or 800 mA total combined

  • Low latency < 20 ns, High resolution of 10 ns with 100 MHz FPGA.

  • Galvanically isolation to real environment signals provides protection to the simulator from damaging voltages.

Channel Description

Digital Input

  • Voltage range 0-50V

  • Protection ±50VDC

  • Zin > 100kOhms

  • Programmable Vih and Vil on all the range per group of 8

  • >50 Mb/s, <30 ns of latency

Digital Output

  • Single Ended Output voltage, selected by dip which, for all output, 3.3 V / 5.0 V (LVTTL, TTL)

  • Short Circuit Protection

  • Protection ±50V DC/AC, for all channel at the same time

  • Current 24 mA

  • >50 Mb/s, <30 ns of latency

  • Theoretical timing resolution: 10 ns (for FPGA at 100 MHz)


  • Selection by BOM only of the direction, par group of 8:









Ouptut Voltage Selection

It is possible to select the output voltage of all channels for +3.3V (LVTTL) or +5.0V (TTL) operation via a dip switch installed on the OP5367.

Make sure the simulator is powered off before actioning the dip switch

See the location of the dip switch in the picture below:

Typical Use Cases

The card is ideal for interfacing with devices operating at low voltage.

TTL signals are not recommended for long-distance data transmission.
We recommend using this board with cable lengths no longer than 1.5 meters (5 ft).
For details on how to terminate the lines and to interconnect equipment with the OP5367 board, refer to the WP CMOS/TTL opal RT_rev 1.0.

For compatibility of this card, please consult the Hardware compatibility chart.

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