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OP1470 Microgrid Power Meters


The OP1470 features four Acuvim L Series™ power meters to provide accurate real time visual power measurements of the microgrid test bench by connecting to the OP1460 microgrid interface box.

Functional Overview

Using the Power Meters

Details on how to operate the power meters can be obtained from Accuenergy's website:

The user manual for the meters can be obtained here:

Power Sign Convention

Please note that the meters are configured to use Passive Power Sign Convention:

  • Positive power is power flowing from the amplifier to the external electric component or Device Under Test (DUT)
  • Negative power is power flowing from the DUT to the amplifier


Please refer to user manual of the power meters for detailed specifications.

The Acuvim L Series™ power meters can be used to obtain harmonic measurements on the voltage and current.

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