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DC Power supplies

Note that this link contains a copy of a PDF file called iTech_powersupply_web.pdf from the manufacturer if you'd like to reference or download it.


The OP1400 test benches are equipped with ITECH IT6000C series Bidirectional DC Power Supplies. These power supplies provide the OP8110 4-Quadrant amplifiers with a constant 500V DC input voltage and allow the amplifiers to consume or to feed back power from/to the 3 phase mains input. The amount of power supply units and the power ratings of each unit have been especially chosen by Opal-RT so that the test bench can deliver its full performance.

Functional overview

The IT6000C power supplies support many different configurations and modes of operation. However, Opal-RT recommends to limit the use of the power supplies to the following 3 steps after turning them on:

  • Set the output voltage setpoint (using the V-set button, the numerical keypad and the Enter button) to 500V.
  • Set the positive output current limit (using the I-set button, the numerical keypad and the Enter button) to the recommended maximum positive value (see table below).
  • Set the negative output current (by pressing the I-set button again and by configuring with the numerical keypad and the Enter button) to the maximum recommended negative value (don't forget the +/- button to set the sign to negative, see table below).
  • Turn on the output voltage using the "On/Off" button.
Amount of OP8110 groups supplied per DC supplyRecommended maximum positive output currentRecommended maximum negative output current
115 A-15 A
230 A-30 A

WARNING! Operating the IT6000C power supplies at different settings/limits than what is recommended by Opal-RT may put personnel and equipment at risk!

For more detailed documentation on the power supplies, please refer to the user manual of the IT6000C series on ITECH's website :


Chapter 5 of the ITECH power supply manual describes the basic functions and features. The user may find the "Power-on state" feature very useful when set on "Last-Off":

Set the Power-on state:
1.    Press the composite keys [Shift]+[P-set] (System) on the front panel to enter the system menu.
2.    Press the Up/Down key or turn the knob to select the PowerOn and press [Enter].
3.    Press the Left/Right key or turn the knob to adjust the value of this parameter.
      •    Reset: Default value, indicates when the instrument is powered on, the instrument will initialize some parameter settings or state.
      •    Last: Indicates when powered on, the instrument will remain the same parameter settings and output status as last time you powered off the instrument.
      •    Last+Off: Indicates when powered on, the instrument will remain the same settings as last time you powered off the instrument, but the output status is Off.

On/Off Synch Cable

OP1400/OP1420 test benches, having more than one ITECH power supply, include an On/Off synchronization cable. The synchronization cable allows to link the On/Off functionality of multiple ITECH units. Pushing the On/Off button on one unit, will automatically change the On/Off status of the other units as well. 

Electrical Schematic


Please refer to ITECH's website for detailed specifications on the DC Power Supplies :

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