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BERTA Load Panel

The On-Site Tests BERTA application includes five loads that can be connected to an islanded grid. The LOAD panel shown below has six separate tabs. The Settings tab displays the main configuration panel for the five loads. The five other tabs represent the panels for the low frequency shedding sequence configuration for each of the five loads.

Load Panel - Settings Tab

Settings Tab

This tab lets users specify the following parameters for each load:

Load MVALoad power base of selected load in MVA
Load amountLoad power value in MW
Load inertiaLoad inertia in seconds
Load Freq responseCoefficient of variation of the load as a function of the frequency deviation.
Load Shed enableThis button is used to enable or disable the load shedding function
Load Shed StatusThis indicator specifies if a load has been shed.

Low-Frequency Load Shedding - LFLS Tab

The LFLS panel shown Figure 49lets you set the low-frequency load shedding sequence for a load. The sequence consists of five levels (one per load).

The following parameters can be changed for each load:

F Threshold (Hz)Frequency threshold in Hz for load shedding.
Triggering Time (s)Delay time in (s) for trigging the load shedding.
Load Shedding (MW)Amount of load that will be shed in MW.
Inertia Shedding (MJ)Amount of load inertia that will be shed in MJ.

Low-Frequency Load Shedding (LFLS) Panel

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