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HYPERSIM Release Notes: 2019.2



  • Added PSS®E import capability
  • Added new documentation server to replace PDF documentation
  • Added protection relay function 67 to the Control Protection Relays library
  • Added inverse time overcurrent functionality to protection relay 50/51
  • Added DEGOV1 model in Control Governors library
  • Added Preferences menu in the ribbon to set an extra timeout for simulation initialization
  • Added validation to prevent assigning two different signals on the same output


  • Improved licensing user experience by validating the end of support date instead of the version number
  • Improved Locate selection quick link in the Netlist when working with large models to zoom in on the component
  • Improved error message usability when starting the simulation and the CP 2-ph line has incorrect parameters
  • Improved user experience when navigating through data recording files in ScopeView
  • Improved license request workflow
  • Improved data logger example model


  • Fixed line impedance displayed unit that should have been pu/km for CP and PI lines
  • Fixed filtering on Category in the Sensor form
  • Fixed index display for large numbers in Sensor form


  • Removed unsused STATE21 signals from LCC and thyristors Sensor form

I/O Interfaces

Modbus Master

  • Added support for OPAL-RTLinux 64-bit
  • Added support for configuration via GUI
  • Added support for floating 32-bit registers

Modbus Slave

  • Added support for OPAL-RTLinux 64-bit
  • Added support for configuration via GUI
  • Added support for floating 32-bit registers

OPAL-RT Boards

  • Added support for automatic FPGA bitstream validation and reprogramming upon starting the simulation

FPGA-Based Simulation

  • Added support for eHSx64 solver
  • Added support for PMSM DQ machine
  • Added support for AC, DC and sine wave sources
  • Added firmware selection menu
  • Added various features to improve user experience

Communication Network Simulation

  • OPAL-RT partnered with Scalable Network Technologies to provide HYPERSIM users with the capability for communication network modeling and cyber-physical simulation on the same hardware, offering a complete real-time cyber-physical solution for the development, testing, and assessment of electrical grids with communication networks. A detailed library of simulated cyber-attacks and corresponding cyber-defenses is also available.

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