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Control Exciters

The following section provides information on the exciter models available in HYPERSIM: exciter and stabilizer models are based on IEEE std 412.5. Consult IEEE documentation (421.5-2005 i IEEE Recommended Practice for Excitation System Models for Power System Stability Studies) for more information about these models.
Within the model parameters interface, AVR and Exciter windows contain diagram bars allowing users to expand the window to show diagrams (block and exciter system) for the block.


IEEE std 412.5 type AC1A excitation system model

AC2AIEEE std 412.5 type AC2A excitation system model
AC3AIEEE std 412.5 type AC3A excitation system model
AC7B oldIEEE std 412.5 type AC7B excitation system model
AC8BIEEE std 412.5 type AC8B excitation system model
DC2AIEEE std 412.5 type DC2A excitation system model
DC3AIEEE std 412.5 type DC3A excitation system model
ST1AIEEE std 412.5 type ST1A excitation system model
ST2AIEEE std 412.5 type ST2A excitation system model
IEEET1IEEE std 412.5 type IEEET1 excitation system model
IEEET2IEEE std 412.5 type IEEET2 excitation system model
IEEET3IEEE std 412.5 type IEEET3 excitation system model
EXAC1IEEE std 412.5 type EXAC1 excitation system model
EXAC2IEEE std 412.5 type EXAC2 excitation system model
EXAC3IEEE std 412.5 type EXAC3 excitation system model
EXPIC1IEEE std 412.5 type EXPIC1 excitation system model
EXST1IEEE std 412.5 type EXST1 excitation system model
EXST3IEEE std 412.5 type EXST3 excitation system model
SCRXIEEE std 412.5 type SCRX excitation system model
EXDC2IEEE std 412.5 type EXDC2 excitation system model
IEEEVCIEEE std 412.5 type IEEEVC Compensation system model
REXSYSIEEE std 412.5 type REXSYS excitation system model

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