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RT-LAB | Block Library Reference Guide

Introduction to blocks

This chapter serves as an introduction to the blocks used in RT-LAB. The RT-LAB blocks library provides a set of blocks that can be used to interact between your model and the RT-LAB framework.


The RT-LAB library is divided into many subsystems that regrouped blocks of the same category:

rtlabRT-LAB block library
rtlab/commThese blocks enable you to communicate with external components using different link and protocol.
rtlab/data loggingThese blocks enable you to log data to disk, to control the data flow using triggers, to load data from a file.
rtlab/miscThese blocks provide many features available with RT-LAB.
rtlab/monitoringThese blocks enable you to measure some performance, to output the results inside the model.


Some examples are provided to show how to use these blocks. These examples are located into RTLAB_ROOT_FOLDER\Examples directory.

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