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C37.118 Slave

The C37.118 slave I/O interface allows instantiating multiple C37.118 slave sessions that can be used to report data to a C37.118 master, which is typically a PDC (Phasor Data Concentrator). It has been implemented according to the IEEE Std C37.118.2-2011 standard. Using a standard network interface card, this protocol can be easily and rapidly integrated into any simulation model.

With the proper user configuration, a driver is initialized on the target simulator at the start of the simulation and instantiates a communication interface that will be responsible to stream PMU data on the Ethernet network for each configured slave. Based on the data rate of each slave and on the time reference, the driver is able to detect the right moment to sample/transmit a packet with the updated data. It is also responsible to receive commands from a C37.118 master and to answer them (send configuration, header frame) or react to them (start acquisition, stop acquisition). Three communication protocols are currently supported: TCP only, UDP only or TCP/UDP. It is the user responsibility to select the communication protocol that matches its requirements. More details can be found in the Annex F of the IEEE Std C37.118-2-2011 document.

Data transferred from the model to the slave driver includes phasor data, analog data, digital data, frequency deviation from nominal frequency, frequency rate of change and timestamp. If the user requires precise timestamp, it is very important to connect the timestamp input to a reliable time source.

Communications protocols can be configured in the I/O Interface Configuration tool that can be opened from HYPERSIM Ribbon Options.

For more information on the general use of the I/O Interface Configuration, see also I/O Interfaces.

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