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DNP3 Slave

The DNP3 slave I/O interface allows connecting with DNP3 master(s) to report analog and binary data from the simulation and to receive analog and binary data from a DNP3 master to control the simulation. Using a standard network interface card, this protocol can be easily and rapidly integrated into any simulation model.

With the proper user configuration, a driver is initialized on the target simulator at the start of the simulation and waits for a master to connect to begin data transmission. To make sure the correct values are applied to the binary and analog outputs at the start of the simulation, the initial values of each analog and binary outputs can be defined by the user in the configuration and are used to initialize the simulated database. 

Connections are performed when the model is loaded and depending on the configuration. It means than once the simulation is running, if a DNP3 master establishes a connection with the simulated slave IED, it can trigger a command to set a specific value on an analog output (or binary), at a specific point index. The value of the point will then be updated inside the simulated database and this change will also be reflected at the output of the driver, on the corresponding signal of the analog (or binary) output bus in HYPERSIM. The DNP3 master can also trigger a command to read the analog (or binary) value of a specific input point index and the simulated DNP3 slave IED will respond, following the DNP3 protocol, with the latest value of this point read from the simulated database.

Communications protocols can be configured in the I/O Interface Configuration tool that can be opened from HYPERSIM Ribbon Options.

For more information on the general use of the I/O Interface Configuration, see also I/O Interfaces.

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