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Wideband Line/Cable Fitter


This device is used for generating data for the Wideband Line/Cable model “WB m-phase” device. This device accepts Model data file from the Line Data and Cable Data (old) modules. After running and generating model data, the user can reopen the “WB fitter” and visualize the fitting results for the characteristic admittance Yc and the propagation function H. The data generated by this device is referenced in the Wideband Line/Cable model. The convergence tolerance is a relative tolerance; it can be modified when fitting problems are encountered. The default value is acceptable in most cases.

The fitting technique used by this device is described in [1].

Table of Contents

Mask and Parameters

Data Parameters

For portability reasons it is strongly recommended to locate the data file(s) in the same directory or in a directory below this design file. The project directory is the recommended choice.

NameDescriptionUnitVariable = {Possible Values}
Convergence toleranceTolerance used in the fitting process-
Select data file

The location of the EMTP file (lyz or cyz) given by the “WB fitter” device containing the line parameters

Run this case to generate model dataCheck box to run the case to generate model data-

View Yc fitting results from previous runLink option to plot the fitting results of the entries of the characteristic admittance matrix -
View H fitting results from previous runLink option to plot the fitting results of the entries of the propagation fucntion matrix -

Help Parameters

NameDescriptionUnitVariable = {Possible Values}
Model documentationLink option to to see the description of the device-

Ports, Inputs, Outputs and Signals Available for Monitoring









Data of a 3-phase transmission line

The following figure shows the geometrical data of a 735-kV transmission line as an example to simulate a 3-phase WB model.

The calculation of the electrical parameters can be done with the Line Data auxiliary moduleThe lyz generated by the Line Data module is used in the Wideband Line/Cable Fitter to produce a dat file for the WB line model. The fitting results are shown in a text file.

A portion of the dat file generated with the Wideband Line/Cable Fitter is shown next.


  1. Morched A., Gustavsen B. and Tartibi M.: “A universal model for accurate calculation of electromagnetic transients on overhead lines and underground cables”. Power Delivery, IEEE Transactions, Volume: 14, Issue: 3 , July 1999, pp. 1032 -1038

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