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OP8110 Power Stage

Topology Overview


Neutral point

A neutral point is made available for every output of the OP8110. The neutral point is a regulated DC mid point node. Since it is coupled through capacitors, DC current cannot circulate through the neutral point. Refer to OP8110 Specifications for more details and limitations at low frequency.

Output link inductance

The OP8110 features a bypassable 75µH output inductor on every output, which allows to couple directly to capacitive loads (such as input DC nodes on inverters or other OP8110 amplifier outputs).

DC precharge

The OP8110 features an embedded DC precharge circuit to limit the inrush current when powering-on the 500V DC Supply.

The DC precharge does not protect the EMI filtering capacitors. As such, the OP8110 should always only be used with the DC power supplies provided inside the OP1400 Series test bench. If another DC power supply is used nevertheless, the voltage slew rate should be limited to 5V/ms or less when turning on the DC voltage. Failure to do so may damage the OP8110.

Software protections are implemented to avoid overheating the precharge resistors. As such, immediate consecutive precharges will not be allowed by the OP8110. In the case precharge is blocked by the OP8110 software, unpower the DC Supply and wait for approximately 5 minutes before reenabling the precharge.

Application exemples

120/208 VRMS 3φ applications

  • Requires 1 x OP8110 3-output group
  • Requires 1 x DC Power Supply
  • AC BALANCED / UNBALANCED output configuration







230/400 VRMS 3φ applications

  • Requires 3x OP8110 3-output groups
  • Requires 3x Isolated DC Power Supplies
  • AC BALANCED / UNBALANCED output configuration
  • Neutral must be grounded to meet isolation ratings of the OP8110

Two Amplifiers outputs of the three available per OP8110-3 are used to generate a 240VRMS between their outputs.

400 VDC or single phase 240 VRMS applications

  • Requires 1 x OP8110 3-output group
  • Requires 1 x DC Power Supply
  • Neutrals not connected

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