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OP8110 Software Configuration

Changing the IP Address

The OP8110 is pre-configured with an IP address (an identifying label will be attached to the unit), but it may conflict with your network infrastructure; you may need to change the IP address for your 4QPA. The best way to do this is to directly connect your OP8110 to your host computer (laptop, etc.). (Be sure to contact your IT department to obtain a valid IP address from them).

Before you begin, make sure your computer has a serial terminal program installed; you will need it to access the "OP8110 Recover" application. If there is no serial terminal installed, you must install one (such as MobaXterm) to access the OP8110 configuration application. The Mini USB Cable enables users to connect the OP8110 to a PC to access the IP address modification interface. It also allows users to perform various troubleshooting or reflashing activities.

  • Connect the Mini USB connector end to the Mini USB Receptacle connector on the OP8110
  • Install the serial terminal application (MobaXterm) on your computer:
  • Using an internet browser go to MobaTek’s mobaXtem website:
    • Click on the Download section.
    • Select the Home Edition version of MobaXterm and click Download Now
    • Select the Portable edition of MobaXterm Home edition
    • Save the file in a known location on your computer.
    • Extract the contents of the zip file and double click on the extracted executable of MobaXterm i.e.: MobaXterm_Personal_20.2.exe the program will start (Note that there is no need to install anything on your computer).
  • In MobaXterm:
  • Click the Sessions button to start a new session
  • In the Session Settings window, click the Serial Button

Starting a serial session in MobaXterm

  • Select the serial (COM) port to which the OP8110 is connected (it should appear automatically in the list)
  • Set the Speed to 115200
  • Click OK to start the session, which opens the OP4200 System Configuration screen
  • In the OP4200 System Configuration screen (Figure 16).
  • Select Configure Network and click OK,

OP8110 System Configuration screen

  • In the next screen, select "2 Statically" and click OK

Network Configuration screen

  • Type the following information in the next screen (Figure 18): IP address, Netmask and Gateway (your IT department should provide you with the information).

IP address modification screen

  • Click Submit. A confirmation screen appears (Figure 19).

IP address change confirmation screen

  • Click OK to return to the main menu.
  • Click 4 Exit 
  • Close MobaXterm 

Your OP8110 is now ready to use and can be connected to your network. Once it is connected to the network, you should test communication by pinging the OP8110 from your computer.

Flashing a new bitstream


Software updates of the OP8110 may be required from time to time. In order to upgrade the "bitstream" of the FPGA associated with the OP8110 unit, the following procedure must be executed:

  1. Connect the OP8110 unit to be updated to your local network using the Ethernet port on the front panel of the OP8110

  2. Open the RT-LAB executable on your computer

  3. If not already configured, add the OP8110 to the Targets in RT-LAB right-clicking on the "Targets" folder in the project Explorer and click on "New → New target". Then, enter the IP Address of the unit and press Finish (as an alternative, you can use the auto discovery function of RT-LAB by clicking on "Discover targets" in the right-click menu):

  4. Ensure the target is connected and correctly recognized in RT-LAB by double-clicking on it and verifying the information on the Overview tab:

  5. Right-click on the target and select "Execute → Flash bitstream":
  6. In the prompt window, check the "Force flash operation" and use the "Select from disk" option. Navigate to the new bitstream file using the "..." button and press OK (note : "Select board type" menu will automatically assign itself to the right value once the bitstream file is selected):

  7. Verify that the flash operation has executed successfully in the log viewer and reboot the OP8110 unit.


First make sure you have the two following softwares :

FileZilla, to transfer a bitstream into the target.

MobaXterm, to flash the bitstream

2.1  Open FileZilla to Connect to the TARGET

2.1.2.   Connect to the OP8110_Target (Ex :

Username = Password = root

Port :  22

a) Press Quickconnect or Connexion Rapide

b) Press OK

Once Connected to the TARGET

c) Drag and drop the BitStream under root :

d)The BitStream is now uploaded into the SD Card and ready to be flashed ( Ex DC-82)

3.1  Open MobaXterm to Flash Update

a) Open a SSH session

The bitstream should be visible :

b) Run the following command

/usr/opalrt/common/bin/OP4200_fpgaUtility -p Name of the bitstream



c) To confirm/know the flashed BitStream onto the OP8110, run the following command
OP4200_fpgaUtility -b

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