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BERTA Acquisition Group 3

List of Signals from Acquisition Group 3

The signals in this group are not recorded and correspond to performance, status or setting indicators. The sampling frequency is preset at 100 per second which corresponds exactly to 200 steps (1 step = 50 microseconds).

The display refresh rate is set to .25 seconds. The monitor display range is set to 5,000 samples or the equivalent of 25 seconds. The display is digital-only. The display range has no practical meaning. 

Test #

Test number identification. The identification number also corresponds to the recording file name.

File Status

Indicates if the recording file is still recording or if it is full.

Sbase error (non-positive)

Fault indicator for the total system base in MVA.

System power base

Total system power base in MVA. It equals the sum of power bases of all the connected units, including the tested unit.

Ready to switch

Indicates that voltage frequency and phase from the tested unit and from the simulator are equal, meaning that the voltages are synchronous. When light is on, switching can be done.


Indicates that synchronization is in progress.

Switch command

Status of the switching command.

Number of overruns

This number increments each time the total computing time exceeds the time step. It should not be zero.

Computing time

Time required to execute all the equations and operations to be done within the time step. In microseconds.

Idle time

Period of time between each time step and total computing time, in microseconds.

Actual time step

Actual time step in microseconds.

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